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They believed her, setting in motion a series of extraordinary events that would shock the nation as law-enforcement officials in North Carolina tried to figure out what, if anything, the lacrosse players had done to Mangum in David Evans’s bathroom after the dancing had stopped so abruptly.

On March 23, at the detectives’ request, a local judge issued a non-testimonial order, or NTO, requiring the white lacrosse players to submit DNA samples to the Durham police.

From his writings on the 2006 Duke lacrosse-team rape scandal, which gave the then–college junior national media exposure, to an alleged association with a white-nationalist advocate, William D. Around midnight on the evening of March 13, 2006, something untoward happened in the nondescript rental house at 610 North Buchanan Boulevard, right off Duke’s East Campus, where three of the university’s lacrosse team’s senior co-captains lived.

She told that story in the early hours of March 14 to a counselor at Durham Access, a social-services center, and then again to a nurse at the Duke University Hospital.

They didn’t care who heard it.” Flannery remembered that some of his teammates were on top of the stone wall surrounding East Campus, yelling at the Honda as it pulled away.

He saw that Roberts had stopped the car, gotten out, and yelled something back, along the lines of “You limp-dick white boys, you’re not real men.

Afterward, most of them retired to the North Buchanan Boulevard house for an afternoon and evening of drinking and drinking games, such as beer pong and washers. Kim Roberts, then 31, who is half black and half Korean, arrived at the appointed hour.

Crystal Gail Mangum, then 27, who is black, showed up about 30 minutes later.

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