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Shī`a' scholars, interalia, discuss the poetic verses attributed to Ali ibn Husayn by Abu al-Aswad al-Du'ali an Arab companion of `Ali who was still alive during the time of Ali ibn Husayn and affirmed that Shahrbanu was Sassanid princess and daughter of Yazdegerd III and buried in the graveyard of "Jannat ul Baqi" alongside other members of Muhammad's family, however, some Shia scholars relate the shrine at Ray to her.

The eighth Twelver Shia Imam Ali ar-Ridha has also been quoted as saying, "(Shahrbānū) died during her confinement, and one of (Husayn's) slave-maid looked after him (Ali ibn Husayn).

Upon his return to his homeland he preached Islam to his people, in accordance with preaching he received from Imam Ali, and the entire Hazara tribe embraced Shia Islam as their faith.

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It is believed that family of Yazdegard was in hide either in Badakhshan or Hirat under protection of King of Kabul.

Shibli Nomani, a prominent Sunni Muslim Scholar, in his well appreciated book "Al-Farooq (Umar the Great)" had cross examined the capture reference provided by Al-Zamakhshari and Ibn Khallikan and refuted the capture of Bibi Shahr Banu in caliphate of Umar al-Khitab.

Her capture during caliphate of Usman is referred through a tradition from Bihar-ul-Anwar by its narrators (i) Muhammad Bin Yahya us-Soolee, and (ii) Aun bin Muhammad al-Kindi.

Shia sources, quote a historic name of “Shansab Ibn Hareeq” King of Ghor who during the caliphate of Ali along with a large delegation came to the governor of Imam Ali in Iran inquiring about Islam.

The governor referred him to meet Imam Ali in Kufa.

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