Dating a man 20 years younger

We feel like a good fit and other people must think so, too.’There is no question of their having children together. ‘Apart from me, my grandson Ty is the love of Mark’s life.

‘He’s also very close to his niece and nephew and then there are all the youngsters he teaches at our own drama school in Shepperton and at two colleges in Poole and Bournemouth.

But her acting credits include such fondly remembered ‘classics’ as 2point4 Children and Triangle – the soap opera set aboard a North Sea ferry – together with a host of cameo appearances alongside the likes of The Two Ronnies.

Sitting in her spacious bungalow in West London, Sandra seems almost untouched by the passage of time and her excitement – almost palpable – has an uncannily youthful quality.

Mark proposed on bended knee in the back garden a year after they met, producing an engagement ring from his pocket. ‘As a matter of fact, Mark was keener than me,’ says Sandra.

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She was on the point of undergoing IVF when, seven years into the marriage, she naturally conceived Georgia.

We're supposed to be an enlightened, open contemporary society but sometimes it's like we're a bunch of sniffy Victorian aunts, smelling of mothballs, armed with i Phones. Australian TV larrikin Karl Stefanovic has made the mistake of being well known and being pictured out with a woman 10-years his junior, Jasmine Yarborough. I realised he saw younger women as a bunch of sex-mad libertines in lipstick and heels, looking for a sugar daddy to entertain. I told him she didn't know any hookers he didn't have to pay and he was quite offended.

INEVITABLE JUDGEMENTA mainstream website published this story, under the headline What No-one Wants To Say About Karl Stefanovic's Rumoured New Girlfriend. My partner has also lost contact with a friend, who told her at a school reunion that to be with a man of my age was "disgusting" and wouldn't be convinced otherwise. At a 20-year reunion of a mag where I used to work, talk with former colleagues, now mainly middle-aged women, turned to relationships.

It’s just as well, because she is about to embark on a dramatic new chapter in her life.

On August 16, she will marry her fiance Mark Osmond, an actor and drama teacher 20 years her junior.

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