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Five of the Grade I-listed buildings are churches; all are Anglican.

There are 18 Grade II*-listed places of worship: 15 Anglican churches, two Roman Catholic churches and a synagogue.

During the 20th century, both boroughs expanded by absorbing surrounding villages such as Patcham, Hangleton, West Blatchington and Ovingdean, each of which had an ancient church at their centre.

Arthur Wagner built this church in 1875 using £3,000 set aside by his father for that purpose.

Originally a chapel of ease to St Nicholas' Church, it was given its own parish in 1924.

Ovingdean, an agricultural village north of Rottingdean, joined the Borough of Brighton in 1928.

Of these, 59.1% were Christian, 1.47% were Muslim, 1.36% were Jewish, 0.7% were Buddhist, 0.52% were Hindu, 0.1% were Sikh, 0.85% were affiliated with another religion, 27.02% followed no religion and 8.88% did not state their religion.

Some of these proportions are significantly different from those of England as a whole.

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