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Jojo is 13 years old, living in Mississippi, caring for his young sister, sick grandmother, and drug-addicted mother.

As the family road-trips to reunite with Jojo’s incarcerated father, Ward touches on racial injustices and growing up in an unforgiving America.

Now that colder, cozier weather is settling in, this guide includes everything a bibliophile needs for a quiet night at home, curled up with her latest novel and a cup of tea (or a glass of wine)—minus the crackling fireplace.

And yes, we even picked out special gift options for those who prefer e-Readers over paperbacks. Find more unique gifts for the book-lovers on your list.

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Give their books the boost they need with one or a pair of these pretty alabaster bookends with brass inlay.

Thandi, raised in America, has never felt particularly close to her mother’s youth in Johannesburg.

But when her mother is diagnosed with cancer, Thandi must learn to live her life without her.

Filled with six pages of literary-themed temporary tattoos, your friend will be able to show off that they’re a bibliophile, without any of the long-term regret. While there is something new to discover in each of Shakespeare’s many plays and stories, one common theme is the dramatic death scenes in each.

In this funny and morbid game, Shakespeare fans will compete with each other, using characters’ death characteristics such as goriness, dramatic quality, and last words. Buy the reader in your life this novel, a finalist for the National Book Award for Fiction.

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