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The permanent, multi-faceted installation features 28 site-specific media artworks and four hours of original programming.The installation includes two large-scale displays, designed to enhance the arrival area’s ambience: a 58-screen, 90-foot linear video filmstrip is suspended from the ceiling, and a 25-screen media wall that borders the terminal’s dining area. In situations of a more serious nature, paramedic ambulance assistance can be summoned within minutes by contacting any airline employee or LAX Airport Police at (310) 646-7911 (in the Central Terminal Area).For Information, call (310) 215-6020 or visit has an Automated External Defibrillator program in place to assist persons who suffer from sudden cardiac arrest.In her work, she utilizes imagery, sound, industrial materials and technology to create illusions of recognizable landscapes and environments that examine the notion of space/time as a measure of reality.Filmed in the baggage handling area of LAX, two kaleidoscopic videos play back-to-back.A camera studiously yet magically pans 360 degrees around a grassy marsh and pond, both in close up and a more distant view.The two are surreally composited together, slowly blurring time and space.

Airport Police officers have been fully trained in the use of this life-saving device so they can become first respondents in an emergency.Video taken from cruises down dozens of Los Angeles residential streets are woven into a video fabric of diverse homes and communities.Heard in their native languages, people answer the question, “What makes your house a home?Felipe Dulzaides presents video as a readymade art object, while simultaneously creating a drawing in space, referencing early phenomenological video art, and staging chance and precarity on an unused platform atop a seaside mountain.Dulzaides is a San Francisco-based artist working in a variety of media, including performance-based videos and photography.

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