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In the opening shot, we see Jim and Michelle's (Jason Biggs and Alyson Hannigan) bedroom with clothes lying around everywhere while R. The bed is rocking, but it turns out to be Michelle bouncing to get their two-year-old son, Evan, to fall asleep.

When he does, she takes him to his room and tells Jim she's gonna take a bath.

Stifler then pops in and buys them all a round of shots.

This leads to Jim waking up in his kitchen the next morning, pants-less, and getting caught by Michelle and Selena. Oz finds his old girlfriend Heather (Mena Suvari), who is dating a man named Dr.

Once there, Jim runs into his old neighbor Kara (Ali Cobrin), the girl he used to babysit whom is now a 17-going-on-18-year-old teen.

She's way hot and runs up to Jim, who doesn't immediately recognize her.

When she's gone, Jim grabs a tube sock, fills it with lube, and starts whacking it to porn on his laptop computer, until Evan suddenly is standing before him.

As Jim frantically tries to close the porn, he ends up slamming the laptop shut on his penis and throws the sock on Evan's head.

She hits on him as Jim and Stifler sneak the nude Kara upstairs, put clothes on her and manage to get out undetected.

Jim takes a drunk Kara home, who tells Jim she wants him to be her first.

She takes her top off and tries to takes his pants off, but he swerves off the road and she bumps her head against the steering wheel, knocking herself out.

A car comes up, and it turns out to be one of the MILF guys, telling Jim he's in charge of the reunion.

When he leaves, he calls the guys for help, and they decide to create a distraction so he can get Kara inside her house without her parents knowing she was drunk.

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