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The oldest surviving depiction of Saint Francis is a fresco near the entrance of the Benedictine abbey of Subiaco, painted between March 1228 and March 1229.He is depicted without the stigmata, but the image is a religious image and not a portrait.In 1205, Francis left for Apulia to enlist in the army of Walter III, Count of Brienne.A strange vision made him return to Assisi, having lost his taste for the worldly life.Returning to Assisi, he traversed the city begging stones for the restoration of St. These he carried to the old chapel, set in place himself, and so at length rebuilt it.Over the course of two years, he embraced the life of a penitent, during which he restored several ruined chapels in the countryside around Assisi, among them St.He is often remembered as the patron saint of animals.

He said he had a mystical vision of Jesus Christ in the forsaken country chapel of San Damiano, just outside Assisi, in which the Icon of Christ Crucified said to him, "Francis, Francis, go and repair My house which, as you can see, is falling into ruins." He took this to mean the ruined church in which he was presently praying, and so he sold some cloth from his father's store to assist the priest there for this purpose.By this point, the Franciscan Order had grown to such an extent that its primitive organizational structure was no longer sufficient. Once his community was authorized by the Pope, he withdrew increasingly from external affairs.Francis is also known for his love of the Eucharist.Francis of Assisi was born in late 1181 or early 1182, one of several children of Pietro di Bernardone, a prosperous silk merchant, and his wife Pica de Bourlemont, about whom little is known except that she was a noblewoman originally from Provence.his displays of disillusionment toward the world that surrounded him came fairly early in his life, as is shown in the "story of the beggar".

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