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Windows were good & we got a 50 cheque for recommending a friend! my husband is a window fitter and he only expects payment after completion.

the trouble with finance is the finance rates are extortionate 29.9 apr.

why didnt they ask for more money during quote stage. my insurance wouldnt touch stating it is safestyle issue, and safestyle asked me to wait until break is over. we really had worst xmase ever sleeping knowing there is no lock on main door, we couldnt go anywhere. I put wrote my experience on their website and stated nothing but the truth. if you noticed their website has nothing but 5* reviews. I wrote to them asking why my review wasnt published, their only response: they are looking into it.

we were 1 week away from xmase last year had no option but to accept pay extra 300. it has been almost one year, the review still not there.

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my husband has never advertised and is always working, all from word of mouth.

The manager called personally to apologise and they are not taking payment until this is sorted. Also the windows come with ten yr garuntee and energy saving cert you need for HIP pack if you sell.

Hi we had our windows done at our old house by them & thery were fine - we paid in full so said outright that we didn't want finance & got no hassle.

Michelle is correct local companies are usually better as they reply on their repuatation. Most of the time you can haggle with them and surely a bank loan or overdraft is a cheaper option than finance?

Just depends how desperate you are to get them done?

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