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Their extinction was at least partly due to the actions of our own ancestors, according to many anthropologists.

We need to be careful not to make the same mistakes again and widen the gap between the species even further in our pursuit of progress, warns Suddendorf, who spoke to BBC Future at the World-Changing Ideas Summit in Sydney on 15 November.

The move, which would mark the biggest change to the running of the rail network in decades, would see British rail companies such as Virgin Trains and Southern becoming responsible for repairs and maintenance for the first time, ending state-owned Network Rail’s monopoly.It may also be somewhat reassured by statements from the US that its policy on China and Taiwan has not changed.But behind the scenes it's safe to say China is working hard to "educate" the Trump team on not repeating such diplomatic faux pas.“The last thing our railways need is another layer of fragmentation and complexity.Train operating companies will only engage with this if they can extract more profit from taxpayers and fare-payers,” he said.

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