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Workers classified as Interior loggers are capped at maximum 1.5 times base wage for overtime while Coastal loggers are capped at maximum 2 times base wage for overtime.British Columbia has ten statutory holidays – New Year’s Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, B. Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Remembrance Day, and Christmas Day.Some organizations also recognize Easter Monday and Boxing Day as statutory holidays but they are not actually statutory holidays.All but one of these days – Victoria Day – falls within the typical Interior working season which means workers are entitled to either extra pay if they work the statutory holiday or paid time off either on that day or another day in lieu. Statutory holiday pay is calculated on the average worked day’s pay in the prior 30 calendar days if time off is provided or the average worked day’s pay times in the prior 30 calendar days plus 1.5 times factor if required to be worked.The term is used to describe the extra costs beyond the base wage and statutory required overtime that an employer incurs.In British Columbia these costs include Vacation Entitlement, Statutory Holidays, Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance, Work Safe BC Premiums, Extended Medical Benefits, and Pension Plans.This practice is a fairly standard practice of established businesses across many industries as a retention and attraction tool.Benefits plans can vary in pricing depending on what is offered and any allocation of payment between employers and employees.

Many, if not most, non-union contractors provide an extended medical benefit program to their employees.The cost goes far beyond the base hourly wage agreed between the employer and the employee.The extra costs beyond the wage are often called or payroll burden.Employment Insurance is also a mandatory program which is paid 42% by employees and 58% by employers.Employee EI contributions are deducted on each pay and remitted to the government at the same time as the Employer’s EI contributions.

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