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The Karnaugh map is a useful graphical tool for minimizing switching functions of up to six variables.A four-variable map has 16 fields, each corresponding to a unique conjunction (AND) of inputs (a minterm).The main advantage of using a Karnaugh map for circuit simplification is that the Karnaugh method uses fewer rules, and these rules can be applied systematically rather than intuitively as with Boolean algebra.Therefore with a little practice the Karnaugh system should produce more reliable minimisation.This results in a Boolean equation for the un-simplified circuit: X = M M•C A•C A•M A•C•M This table will serve to show the process of transferring the data from Table 2.4.1 into the cells of the Karnaugh map. 2.4.2 From Table 2.4.1 row 3, inputs AMC have values of 010, producing a logic 1 at the output (X) and giving the Boolean expression M in the Boolean column.Therefore 1 is placed in the map cell corresponding to A=0 and MC=10 as shown at (a) in Fig. In Table 2.4.1 row 4, inputs AMC have values of 011, producing a logic 1 at the output (X) and giving the Boolean expression MC in the Boolean column.Circuit simplification in any Karnaugh map is achieved by combining the cells containing 1 to make groups of cells. cells containing a logic 1) as possible and no blank cells. Rule 3 prohibits diagonal grouping so there is no alternative other than to leave a group of 1.

Putting the results of the simplification together by ‘ANDing’ any non-changing inputs within a single group, and ‘ORing’ the different groups, produces the simplified Boolean equation for the whole circuit: X = M A•C This result agrees with the simplification produced in Module 2.3 using Boolean algebra.

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The map is a simple table containing 1s and 0s that can express a truth table or complex Boolean expression describing the operation of a digital circuit.

The map is then used to work out the minimum number of gates needed, by graphical means rather than by algebra.

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