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Initially, his comedy was based around his observations on Irish society as somewhat of an outsider.

However, in recent years he has tackled social issues in his comedy – including alcoholism, poverty, his experiences with testicular cancer and the fate of the Irish language.

Parking can usually be found on streets in the neighborhood.

There are two parking lots: one on West 11th Street between Greenwich and Washington Streets, and another that's even closer on Greenwich Street.

The dictionary must draw the line somewhere,—so it leaves this sort of words out.

She’s definitely the biggest dote on the comedy circuit.

In this way I have made quite a valuable collection.

When I get duplicates, I exchange with other collectors, and thus increase the variety of my stock.

Offbeat Eats is a celebration of America's roadside rebel chefs, the people who create quirky eateries that are off the beaten path and serving up deliciously offbeat food and experiences.

From hidden local gems to restaurants doing surprising new things where you least expect it, Offbeat Eats is a roadmap to restaurants that are a little hard to find but always worth the journey.

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