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That way, when we met our baby we would be able to look upon their precious bawling little face and understand which name to that baby. These books shaped my memory, my imagination, my life in ways that defy essays and descriptions.

We thought the baby needed to have a say with his or her face. When life is rough, people often want to go home: when my life is rough, I return home by way of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s novels since that is where I lived for most of my childhood and adolescence.***And so of course, as a Gen-X kid coming of age in Canada, I am devoted to the Kevin Sullivan series starring Megan Follows, Colleen Dewhurst, Richard Farnsworth, and Jonathan Crombie.

When Jonathan Crombie passed away a while ago, I mournfully poured out a bottle of raspberry cordial in his honour.

And who else but Colleen Dewhurst could give a line like “Twenty. Of brown sugar” the necessary sarcastic yet rueful love? In the book, Matthew didn’t buy the dress, he went to Mrs. ) and made the dress herself (which just makes us love Mrs. Don’t get me wrong: the Kevin Sullivan miniseries is a delight. They are true to the spirit of the book (we hope) and they translate it for film.

Other highlights: Matthew, as always, is the heart of the show. I was unsure about the new Marilla, played by Geraldine James, but she captures her beautifully.

This series doesn’t gloss over or romanticize real pain.

Andrews and they have a party to send him on his way (which is where Anne breaks her ankle falling off the ridgepole of the roof). Andrews would have him fired for this inappropriate behaviour. Yes, there are some scenes that will be disruptive or sacrilegious to us purists, perhaps.

We see that it wasn’t even necessarily Diana she loved – it was the idea of a she loved and Diana just happened to be willing. Thomson as an actor (shout out to the other “Road to Avonlea” watchers who know him as Jasper Dale) but he can communicate more in a look than most actors in a whole monologue.Anne’s method of survival is her imagination, thankfully – like with her imaginary friend Katie Maurice in the window of the cabinet. When many of us read the Anne books, we were children. We want the childhood version of Anne, not the real book version. This version of Anne is fully alive in the time and place of her telling. It’s opening our eyes to our willful ignorance about context and time, about struggle and suffering, about the entire backstory for these books we would have missed without a strong history lesson. That’s going to happen and I won’t deny that there were moments when I was suspicious and unconvinced of certain choices or directions.But when you take a step back, you have to ask yourself for the first time: why? And so we wanted a mini-series that would reclaim and recapture that feeling of childhood. Yet we purists should to watch this one, not in spite of our great love for the original story but .(With our son, I was glad for this practice: we had a particular name that we intended for him but when he was born, we took one look at him and knew that he didn’t belong with that name: his name was Joe as surely as if he had come out of the womb with a nametag and that was that.) So I gamely chose two other girl names and I fooled myself into thinking that we hadn’t already made our decision. We named our daughter Anne for many reasons – a family association, the meaning of the name, a preference for classic names that had fallen out of fashion, a requirement that we avoid the Top Ten Baby Names list – but the main reason? It was broadcast here in Canada in 1985 and was followed by the sequel in 1987.But as soon as she was born, as soon as I held her in my arms while I laughed and her father cried, I called out her name – – and my husband laughed because he knew all along that this would happen. (There were other sequels but we don’t speak of them. I mean, knows that World War 1 is Rilla’s timeline, don’t @ me.) I have watched these movies once a year, minimum, every year since they came available on VHS and then on DVD and now on Blu-Ray.

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