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If you get out of the game for a consistent period of time (i.e.get in a relationship), then you can expect the next time you fire up your dating profile that the same tactics may not work.Most of you would agree that typically, if we put women in charge of the reproduction of our species, we would die out pretty quick.(To learn to stop the flaking, go here.) However, it seems empowered 2017 girls are all on board the train of making the first move.How it impacts you: On one hand, you don’t have to worry about being judged by any women for using online dating.At the same time, any girl you are meeting online has met dozens of guys before you, no doubt about it.Remember when was the biggest and best dating site (okay, maybe not the best) out on the market?

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For example, sex dolls are so realistic in Asian countries, that people are losing their social skills at alarming rates.

Of course, women can’t be trusted with this—as evidenced by the ever declining nuclear family unit.

At the same time, there isn’t much we as men can do it, short of continuing our movement.

I know several people who are having smashing success on the Bumble app.

Almost every line has been used to the moon and back these days.

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